Fabric Care

Lachus prefers to work with all natural fibers. Most of the wearable art is made of high-quality, 100% cotton and linen that breathes to keep you cool in hot weather and feels like home next to your skin.

Laundering & Ironing

  • Handloom materials need to be drywashed
  • Hand wash and hang dry is best for the rest. Do not presoak or use hot water.
  • Wash items inside out.
  • Donot bleach
  • Ironing Fabric

    Iron on low synthetic heat setting. Use a pressing cloth above the painted areas

    Handling Instructions for Canvas Painting

    Try not to touch your new painting too much. Touching something delicate like a pastel of watercolour artwork is never good - the natural grease on (even the best washed) fingers will transfer to the art surface and leave a print with may not show up at first but years later may start to become visible.